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This 2-DVD set covers all elements of pre-cure and mold cure retreading. 

The individual modules covered includes: 

Module 1: Basic Tire Construction
Module 2: Tire Inspection Techniques
Module 3: Tire Inspection Conditions
Module 4: Buffing
Module 5: Skiving, Cementing and Filling
Module 6: Precure Building, Enveloping and Rimming
Module 7: Precure Vulcanizing and Cure Quality Assurance
Module 8: Mold Cure Building, Rimming and Bagging
Module 9: Mold Cure Loading/Unloading and Cure Quality Assurance
Module 10: Final Inspection and Final Finishing of Retreads
Module 11: Basic Nail Hole and Tube Repair
Module 12: Section Repairing Medium Commercial Truck Tires
Module 13: Heat Cured Nail Hole and Spot Repairs

In-Depth Retreading DVD Set

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