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Articles of Interest

Dual Wheel Positions (Matching of Tires)
Mismatched tires on dual wheel positions cause many problems not the least is that their retreadability can be impaired.

Buses and Retreaded Tires
Through retreading tires, bus fleets can add thousands of dollars annually to their bottom line, and at the same time, help reduce the scrap tire problem and conserve oil.

New Materials and Technology For Repairs on Truck Tires
Due to the unique construction and quality of today's tires, plus advances in state-of-the-art repair materials and repair methods, many tires can be routinely repaired and returned to full over-the-road service and in most cases can be retreaded when the original tread is worn off.

Mold Cure vs. Pre Cure
Basically, there are two systems used to retread a tire, Mold Cure and Pre Cure. The reason both systems exist is because of the economics of operating a retread plant and have nothing to do with the quality of the finished product.

Successfully Retreading Wide Base Tires
We spoke to a couple of our members, a large retreader of wide base tires and a large trucking company that uses a high percentage of wide base tires in their operations. We wanted to get their thoughts on how retreaders can successfully retread these tires and how fleets are using the tires to their advantage. 

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