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A consumers guide to proper tire repair

This three-fold brochure created by the Tread Rubber & Repair Manufacturers Group (TRMG) is now available to the public and tire dealers worldwide. 

Flat Tire! Now What? covers the following points in detail and is illustrated with easy-to-understand examples regarding proper tire repairs. 

- Can my passenger tire be repaired? 
- Know your tire repair shop
- Watch out for improper repairs
- What is a proper tire repair? 

There is a blank box on the back cover* of the brochure for an imprint by tire dealers and others who may wish to distribute large quantities of this important document. 

* A royalty-free copy may be purchased for a one-time fee. This extended license comes with unlimited reproduction/print runs. Content changes, excluding the personalized box for imprinting, are not permitted without permission.

"Flat Tire! Now What?"

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