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Advantage ID

Advantage ID…………Serving the Retread Tire Industry
Through our strong vendor partnerships and industry experience we provide exceptional products, simplify your purchasing process and save you money.  Enjoy unsurpassed customer service and 24/7 Online Ordering.
Advantage ID Consumables:
• Retread Tracking Barcode Labels
• Finished Goods and Warning Labels
• Business / Order Forms
• Shop and Service Supplies
• Printer Supplies
Email: clientservices@advantageid.com
Phone: 800.328.2612, 763.315.8080 x 0

Elgi Rubber

Elgi Rubber Company Limited is a company headquartered in India with subsidiaries in Australia, Brasil, Kenya, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka and the United States of America. Elgi manufactures a comprehensive range of raw material, equipment, tools and accessories used in the Rubber Industry, predominantly in the Tyre sector. With state of the art manufacturing facilities, testing laboratories and R&D centers around the world ELGI is able to deliver products to the most demanding users.

Elgi Rubber Company

600 N Magnolia Ave.,

Luling, TX 78648

Phone: (830) 875-5539

Fax: (830) 875-5562

Email: orders@us.elgirubber.com

Eversafe Rubber

Since 1980, Eversafe Rubber has built a sterling track record and reputation as an industry leader for delivering the highest quality solutions and production for the tyre retreading industry. We specialize in rubber compounds and various formulations to cater to different customer needs. Eversafe always ensures the quality of products we deliver to customers and we have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14000:2015. 


Missing flaws? Hawkinson’s new Digital NDT-III includes a patent-pending technology that tells you if your NDT is operating 100% efficiently. When a NDT is properly optimized, it sparks at a rate of 55 sparks/second. Over time, that rate can drop as low as 12 sparks/second without the operator ever noticing. To ensure your machine is running at optimal efficiency, Hawkinson’s digital detection board will display an alert when your machine drops below 45 sparks/second. We sell the only 100% digital machine on the market. We take trade-ins and also offer upgrade kits.
A pioneer in revolutionary retreading processes, Hawkinson was founded in 1931 and continues to “Go the Extra Mile” for you and the environment. Our NDT-III finds more flaws than any machine on the market and helps retreaders provide the highest quality products to their customers.
Email: info@hawkinson.com
Phone: 763.424.5098


LUKATEC is the inventor and world's leading manufacturer of tire robotic buffers. The company also offers cushion gum extruders with the latest RPX smearing technology and autoclave automation solutions.

The modular concept of its equipment offers tailor-made solutions for all retread plant sizes.

E-mail: sales@lukatec.com.br
Phone: +55 51 3588-2266


Galgo began the production of uncured rubber material for retreading tires in 1952. Today, we are the clear leader in Mexico and have presence in over 60 countries worldwide. Some of the products we produce are: tread rubber and tire retreading materials, inner tubes and flaps, rubber footwear, rubber industrial products and rubber automotive parts.
Galgo's expansion at our modern manufacturing plant in Tula Hidalgo, Mexico has allowed us to increase our capacity in rubber production, including the production of a wide range of materials and products for the retreading tire process.
We also produce rubber for mold cure retreading tire systems, offering a variety of compounds in the die size, strip rubber or slab presentation; replacing the original tread of the tire and extending its life. We are constantly acquiring new equipment and machinery, implementing the most advanced technology, and incorporating new sizes and designs of our pre-cured tread rubber brand “PRE-Q”
For more information please visit us at www.galgo.com.mx

RMS Omega Technologies

RMS Omega is a systems integrator with several industry focuses included commercial tire dealers. We have built a team that has a combined 40 years of experience servicing the tire retread industry with data collection equipment. Whether collecting data in the retread shop, point of sale, warehouse or in the field, we recommend equipment that will stand up to those environments.

We design, deploy, manage, and service barcode, RFID, data collection, wireless, and mobility technology that improves productivity and reduces operating costs. Established in 1997, RMS Omega leverages solid partnerships with the industry’s principal manufacturers. Our premier level status, along with our repair services, wireless infrastructure services, pre-configuration, testing, installation, and commitment to excellence allow us to bring you the total solution.


Since 1992 Shamrock Marketing, Inc. has specialized in supplying category leading rubber products, consumables, and equipment, to retread plants in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Latin America.


Our exclusive Bulldog brand curing envelopes, tubes, and rubber rings offer unmatched dependability and value.  We’ve got you covered with a full line of major brand consumables from initial inspection to final inspection and everything in-between. Our team of retread specialists will recommend the right products and do the extras to help make your job just a little bit easier.


Shamrock represents Global Leaders in retreading equipment with our exclusive Latitude line from TRM, shearography from Zeiss, custom equipment from Marigo, and autoclaves from Akarmak. Our team of factory trained technicians can provide installation, training, and on-site help for all brands of equipment. Precure, mold cure, truck, OTR, new, or used, we can help you meet your equipment needs.


With over 26 years in business we are your retread plant experts, and we're here to help!


Shamrock Marketing, Inc.

11206 Bluegrass Parkway

Louisville, Kentucky 40299 USA

Tel: (800) 354-4495 or (502) 266-7403

Fax: (502) 266-7405

Email: Info@ShamrockMarketingInc.com

Web: www.ShamrockMarketingInc.com


Vipal is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of tire retreading and repairing products. As a company and a brand, we stand for top quality and outstanding service. Our products are built following strict quality control standards and with the finest materials. Vipal products extend tire lifecycle and offer greater performance, savings, and safety on the road. Always looking to provide our customers with excellent service and expedited deliveries, we utilize our three distribution centers in Miami, Florida, Norfolk, Virginia and our newest location in Los Angeles, California.
For more information please visit us at http://www.vipal-usa.com or contact our sales team at 1-800-847-2548.

Western Weld

Western Weld has been a trusted and complete source for tire repair products since 1924.  
Our reputation for quality and reliability has been so strong that many manufacturers and major distributors have trusted our products enough to put their own name on them – offering you a choice of brand names for optimum service and flexibility. Check out our complete line of tire repairs, equipment and valve hardware and let us know how we can serve you.
Elgi Rubber Company
600 N Magnolia Ave., Luling, TX 78648
Phone: (830) 875-5539
Fax: (830) 875-5562
Email: orders@us.elgirubber.com

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