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Featured Retread Members


AcuTread – a tire remanufacturing system for the independent tire company owner. The AcuTread remanufacturing process provides unprecedented profits and control to those who desire to follow their own path in the tire industry. The AcuTread process uses leading edge technology to produce remanufactured tires that parallel the specifications, aesthetics, and performance of new tires. AcuTread provides large exclusive territories where you will freely compete against all competitors except another AcuTread product. AcuTread will make you profitable by giving you control over the manufacturing process instead of being an assembly point for someone else’s rubber. So if profits are down, stress is up, and your competition is selling the same retread you do call Jon Langerak at 616-878-0518.    


A business of Bridgestone Americas, Bandag® is dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of premium retreaded tires. As a leader in commercial truck tire retreading and a pioneer of the pre-cure retreading process, Bandag provides fleets with a reliable, profitable and sustainable business solution to proactively manage valuable tire assets. Bandag retreads have been proven to outperform comparable* new tires in wear performance and fuel economy. In fact, the brand’s FuelTech™** retreads rank among the top 10 percent most fuel-efficient tire offerings in the industry.


Bandag operates the largest network of retread repair and service facilities in North America with more than 200 retread manufacturing plants and 1,700 points of service. Additionally, Bandag dealers use a sophisticated retread monitoring and management technology called the Bandag Alliance System (BASys) to track inventory real-time and capture performance data to help fleets proactively manage their tire assets.


To learn more about Bandag retreads, visit

*Disclaimer: based on test data of Drive tires in a Waste segment application

**Source:, Data table on Rolling Resistance of All Position Tires; available online as of 12/4/17


One of the largest automotive suppliers and tire manufacturers in the world, Continental is uniquely positioned to deliver your fleet’s lowest overall driving cost with a retread that “looks like new, runs like new.” The casing represents up to 80 percent of a bus or truck tire’s value. Our cost-effective and premium quality ContiLifeCycle process helps ensure you can capitalize on your investment. Visit our website


Are you a retreader? Continental is committed to the growth and success of our independent retread partners. “The ContiLifeCycle program has a tremendous value proposition,” says partner Piedmont Tire. “Overall, I think the support from Continental for the ContiLifeCycle partners is excellent.” Read more partner testimonials

Visit our website for more information: 


Goodyear retreads are an important part of Goodyear's Total Solution of trusted products, reliable services and fleet management tools, all delivered by the nationwide Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Network.


Goodyear offers a full range of retread products - including retreads featuring Goodyear's spliceless UniCircle Technology - to help trucking fleets optimize the return on their tire investment across a broad spectrum of applications and vocations.


For more information about how Goodyear retreads can help enhance your fleet's efficiency while lowering your operating costs, visit

Kal Tire

Founded in 1953 in Vernon, BC, Kal Tire is Canada’s largest independent tire dealer and one of North America’s largest commercial tire dealers. Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group is an international leader in mining tire service and supply, servicing more than 150 mine sites across five continents. The company has warehouse facilities strategically located across Canada servicing more than 250 Kal Tire retail and commercial stores. Kal Tire is also Canada’s largest Retreader of truck tires with 10 retread facilities using the quality Bandag process. Additionally, the company owns and operates five earthmover retreading facilities located in Canada, the United Kingdom, West Africa and Chile. Kal Tire employs more than 6,500 team members.


Kal Tire sells and services our commercial customers through partner brands Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, Sailun and Bandag retreads. Our partner manufacturers / suppliers enable Kal Tire to stock and supply a wide range of tires to fit numerous applications, sizes and fitments. For more than 40 years Kal Tire has been manufacturing quality retread tires, having always believed that by deferring the final disposal, retreading is recycling. Retreading existing tires provides customers with a significant cost-effective alternative to buying new tires while significantly lower environmental impact.  


For more information, please visit


The Marangoni® group has been the global leader in retread technology for more than 60 years. In 2002, Marangoni established its North American headquarters in Madison, TN, and in 2004 began manufacturing RINGTREAD® (The Splice-Less Retread) in the US.  



Different & Better


The Ringtread® technology, Splice-less, precured and double contour profile assures you:

• Never a splice problem

• Chip, cut and abrasion resistant

• More miles

• No irregular wear due to tread distortion

• New tire appearance

• Incredible driver acceptance

• Cooler running

• 20% Lower Operating Cost  


Marangoni Tread North America is dedicated to supplying products (RINGTREAD® and UNITREAD®), technology, equipment, supplies, technical services and commercial support for independent retreaders and commercial tire dealers throughout North America.    


Please visit our website at or contact us Toll Free: (888) 266-2551 and or E-mail us at


No other retreads can match Michelin’s new tire technology and rigorous quality control. We operate 77 retread plants across North America, and every one follows a consistent, highly audited nine-step manufacturing process to deliver uniform results. We examine 100% of the casings before retreading. We support our retreads with a retread warranty. And our two patented retreading processes—Pre-Mold™ and Custom Mold™—are designed for one purpose: to help your fleet maximize its tire assets.


Oliver’s core business is the manufacture of quality precure and mold cure tread rubber for the retreading industry. Our goal is to deliver simple and unique technologies and benefits that assist fleet operations in streamlining their overall tire and service expenditures. Our VDi plus™ feature, for example, helps simplify visual tread depth gauging and is offered by no other retread product in the industry.

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